Gold Coast Data and Electrial services

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Data cabling, phone cabling, aerial cabling and alarm cabling.
We are ACMA registered & approved.


We install and maintain:

  • Cat 3
  • Cat 5
  • Cat 5e
  • Cat 6
  • Cat 6e
  • Cat7
  • Fiber Optics
  • Aerial Cable
  • Alarm Alarm
  • Coax

Data cables and installation on the Gold Coast and throughout Australia

Installing or running of phone, data, alarm or aerial cabling and points requires a ACMA registered integrator - Don't get caught or fined!

For all Business Data Solutions Harrisontech service business in Queensland and throughout Australia, and are the owner operators of Gold Coast Data. Developing a sophisticated and structured cabling system provides a solid platform for which an overall information system is built. Any data work regardless if it is for the home or business should be done by a licensed ACMA approved technician (the law).

Gold Coast Data design and build flexible and structured cabling infrastructures which support networks, voice, data, alarms, aerial, video and multimedia systems. We will assist you to appraise, design and implement the most favourable data system for your business and organisations needs.

Benefits of Structured Cabling:
Structured cabling systems will generally out perform and last longer than all other networking components and require minimal updates and upgrades.

Maintenance such as moves, changes, re-arrangements and upgrades can be performed much more cost-effectively.

When using correct delivery methods the construction costs for the cabling of the voice and data can be reduced by as much as approximately 32 percent when integrating the cabling and delivery methods.

Structured cabling also propvides consistency – so the same cables exist everywhere in the building which will all and assist support of multi-vendor equipment - so you can mix and match.

As your company grows and/or moves locations with structured cabling your network infrastructure and resources are already prepared. With wired structured systems problems are easier to isolate and rectify.

With new cabling standards such as Cat 5, Cat 6 even Cat 7 compliant system will support future applications with little system upgrade requirements if any.

If you require data cabling and/or telephone cabling installed please call 1300 66 85 85 or email

Overview of this information page:
Data cabling on the Gold Coast and structured cabling. For any data cabling on the Gold Coas or in Queensland for structured cabling network cable systems and cable installers Gold Coast Data can help you with any of the following services being Data Cabling, Data Cabler, Data Cablers, Electrician, Electricians, Electrical Contractor, Electrical Contractors, Gold Coast data, data installers, data, cat5, cat6, cat5e installers and much more.

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